Our member companies

Our member companies offer maximum reliability and competence when it comes to the handling, storage and logistics of your goods. Below you will find information about the core competencies of the companies, their equipment and contact details.

Conline GmbH

Grossmannstraße 129 | 20539 Hamburg | Germany
Tel. +49 40 788771-0 | Fax +49 40 788771-108

E-Mail: service@conline-gmbh.com

Conline is a storage and forwarding company managed by its owner, based within the Hamburg free port area. Conline has rapidly developed into a high-capacity service provider in transportation, storage and handling. We focus on the clients of the forwarding industry and offer additional services including everything that is important for transportation and storage.

CONTEX Packing GmbH

Rossweg 20 | 20457 Hamburg | Germany
Tel. +49 40 741134-0 | Fax +49 40 741134-70

E-Mail: strege@contexham.com

Contex Packing is a real container freight-Station and warehouse. Established in the Freeport of Hamburg. Warehouse with 8.000 m² and placed 10.000m² paved areas outside to customers’ disposal. Supply of following services:

  • loading and unloading of all kind of container incl. flats
  • short- and long-time storage of permitted goods
  • Container trucking, handling and storage of container
  • Separating sorting – to commission and palletizing goods

Other services on request – do not hesitate to contact us.

CPS Conpac Port Service GmbH

Buchheisterstraße 12 | 20457 Hamburg | Germany
Tel. +49 40 756012-0 | Fax +49 40 756012-100

E-Mail: info@cpspacking.de

The company CPS Conpac Port Service GmbH started operations in 2009 at our new location in the Port of Hamburg and since then has been offering all activities as a neutral container packing station that are required for handling groupage goods for import and export. We offer our many years of experience and services in loading and unloading consolidated and full containers on 9,000 m² of storage space. An outside area of over 18,000 m² is available as a container depot and for special shipments.

DCP Dettmer Container Packing GmbH & Co KG

Am Vulkanhafen 6 | 20457 Hamburg | Germany
Tel. +40 40 780416-0 | Fax +49 40 780416-28

E-Mail: dean.mair@dcp-hamburg.de

DCP offers in four ports multiple Services: LCL Consolidation, FCL-project management, handling, storage and seaworthy packing of goods. Based on many years of experience in handling all kinds of goods from all over the world and considering the globalizing economical development we have designed the Multiport-Concept in order to offer our customers the service which they want and where they want it.

This demands a data network between „our“ ports, and the systematic harmonizing oft he organisation. Having done so, the customer enjoys a service by one hand with only one partner for all places to deal with and online data exchange. On top of that a shuttle between ports will optimize the utilisation of cargo space.


Müggenburger Straße 7-15 | 20539 Hamburg | Germany
Tel. +49 40 780946-0 | Fax +49 40 780946-21

E-Mail: info@eichholtz.de

For more than 80 years, EICHHOLTZ has been offering all services related to raw foodstuffs and commercial goods of all kinds - from storage and handling to processing, cleaning, order picking and distribution. With decades of experience, mature expertise not only about raw materials, state-of-the-art equipment and a high level of motivation on the part of its employees, EICHHOLTZ, as a modern service provider, meets all challenges in the field of innovative logistics. Sustainable development is one of the core elements of business activity.

EPOLOG Exportverpackung und Logistik GmbH

Terminal Dradenau | Antwerpenstr. 1 a | 21129 Hamburg | Germany
Tel. +49 40 414307-0 | Fax +49 40 414307-20

E-Mail: info@epolog.com

EPOLOG was founded in Hanau in 2002 as an owner-managed company. Here we quickly established ourselves as a partner to industry and mechanical and plant engineering with packaging and our own crate production as well as worldwide forwarding of individual machines to complete production lines.

In 2005 the Hamburg branch was founded and the range of services expanded to include container stowage and pre- and post-carriage organisation. After moving to the Dradenau in 2008, 15,000 square meters of hall space and 15,000 square meters of open space with a crane capacity of up to 100 t are currently available. Thanks to the direct rail and water connection, EPOLOG is the ideal partner for all types of out-of-gauge cargo.

EUROBOSS Lagerei und Umschlags GmbH

Rossweg 20 | 20457 Hamburg | Germany
Tel. +49 40 741181-31 | Fax +49 40 741181-40

E-Mail: bosselmann@euroboss.de

EUROBOSS – does not stand for a young and emerging company alone, but also means reliability and experience. The latest technology and our employees’ know-how guarantee that your cargo will be delivered to your customers’ door in the same order and condition it left your house. Your cargo will always be in time for distribution to their final destinations. Our lean administration is your advantage.

H.D. Cotterell GmbH & Co.KG

Ellerholzdamm 38 | 20457 Hamburg | Germany
Tel. +49 40 317875-0 | Fax +49 40 317875-26

E-Mail: t.cotterell@cotterell.de
E-Mail: h.reimer@cotterell.de

We have been a family-run quartersman's business based in the port of Hamburg for 123 years. We currently manage over 90,000 square meters of storage space in the port of Hamburg - primarily with natural products such as cocoa, dried fruit, spices and rubber - and with our motivated, young and dynamic team of around 70 employees, we look after international customers. As a quartersman's business, our core tasks include warehousing, forwarding, goods inspection and quality assurance. As the first independent service provider in Germany, we have been melting blocked cocoa mass for industry since April 2010. In fall 2013 we started to triple our melting capacity and expand to cocoa butter. In order to further strengthen our team with qualified employees, we offer apprenticeships for forwarding and logistics services clerks and port logistics specialists every year.

Heinrich Osse Lagerhaus GmbH

Australiastraße | Schuppen 50 B | 20457 Hamburg | Germany
Tel. +49 40 780877-3 | Fax + 49 40 780877-47

E-Mail: osse@osse-logistik.de

Heinrich Osse Lagerhaus GmbH is a traditional company in the heart of the Port of Hamburg that specializes in warehousing and all kinds of logistics services. In the historic buildings of the "50" harbor sheds and in an external warehouse in Hamburg-Moorfleet, we process both food and non-food items with the most modern equipment.

We move up to 20,000 TEU every year, door-to-door if required. Our company has been certified for over ten years. We store and process dry and fresh food as well as designated organic products according to these specifications. In order to do justice to each product, we maintain various closed rooms at different temperatures.

Our second mainstay is the storage and processing of general cargo. Non-food items of all kinds find shelter with us according to the wishes of the customers until they are delivered on time.

Our core competencies include:

  • Warehouse on almost 50,000 square meters
  • cargo handling
  • Truck and container transport
  • carrier
  • Goods processing such as outer packaging, marking, order picking, quality controls
HLS Port Logistic Services GmbH

Afrikastraße 2 | 20457 Hamburg | Germany
Tel. +49 40 780426-0 | Fax +49 40 780426-179

E-Mail: e.danker@mytcigroup.com

J.C. Lindemann Containerverpackung GmbH

Veddeler Damm 42 | 20457 Hamburg | Germany
Tel. +40 40 780775-0 | Fax +49 40 780775-29

E-Mail: JCL@Lindemann-Hamburg.com
E-Mail: DS@Lindemann-Hamburg.com

Our services:

  • packing of export containers
  • unloading and sorting of import containers
  • accompanying customs controls
  • handling border seizures and trademark rights as well as destruction under customs supervision
  • container transport
  • container depot for interim storage and long-term storage, own containers for interim storage and subsequent transport
  • seaworthy packaging
  • processing of export and import projects
Krohn & Schröder GmbH

Finkenwerder Weg 8 | 21129 Hamburg | Germany
Tel. +49 40 74002-821 | Fax +49 40 74002-500

E-Mail: kus@igs-logistics.de

Krohn & Schröder GmbH is a mid-sized, owner-operated subsidiary of the IGS Logistics Group. Founded in Hamburg in 1891, today Krohn & Schröder have an experienced, committed, and qualified team of employees. In addition to the standard loading and unloading of LCL/FCL containers, Krohn & Schröder GmbH offers a range of services covering everything in the field of storage and cargo handling at five separate locations.

Lagerhaus Harburg Spedition GmbH

Lauenbrucher Deich 12 | 21079 Hamburg | Germany
Tel. +49 40 766171-0 | Fax +49 40 766171-22

E-Mail: zentrale@lagerhaus-harburg.de

The Hamburg logistics company with a 50-year tradition is part of the PALETTEN-SERVICE Hamburg Group and has repeatedly adapted to the constantly changing requirements of customers and the port over the past few decades.

On logistics areas of more than 80,000 m², all services related to handling, storage, bonded warehouse, import and export clearance (AEO), sample collection, pest control, order picking and transport are offered. The individual logistics modules can be called up individually as required.
Hamburg - gateway for Europe. The immediate proximity to the container terminals and motorways is an important location advantage for our customers.

The range of services is extensive and as a specialist for food raw materials, we not only have a quarantine warehouse but also a pressure disinfestation plant for pest control (CO2 - Power Expansion) that is recognized for the protection of stored products. Our company meets the standard according to IFS – Logistics, Bio (Organic), HACCP, US-FDA . Official approvals as a food and feed store (EG VO 852/2005 and 183/2005) are available.

Modern storage technology supported by IT systems and permanently trained specialist staff ensure logistical processes and ensure a high standard of quality. Not only importers appreciate flexibility and competence; International freight forwarders also entrust themselves to our team of motivated specialists.

PCH – Packing Center Hamburg GmbH

Wollkämmereistraße 1 | 21107 Hamburg | Germany
Tel. +49 40 78087-543 | Fax +49 40 78087-422

E-Mail: obr@pchpacking.de
E-Mail: info@pchpacking.de


The Packing Center Hamburg has been located in the heart of the Port of Hamburg since 1988. The tradition of the company meets the extensive know-how of the employees, which results in a perfect interaction in the interests of our customers.

The loading of an out of gauge container with a weight of up to 45 tons or the connection of a reefer container, special questions about customs goods or the crane unloading of a truck - we love challenges!

Competence, adherence to schedules and quality are part of our self-image. They form the robust basis, but we would even go one step further. Because we want to be more! We want to work reliably, always communicate politely and transparently, protect the environment and support our employees. This strategy should lead us into a future worth living in, after all we are responsible for 180 employees and their families.


  • founded in 1988
  • 170 employees
  • two terminals on Wollkämmereistraße and Indiastraße
  • 110,000 m² of factory spac
  • 33,500 m² covered hall area
  • 5,000 m² hazardous goods warehouse
  • bonded warehouse type C
  • rail connection at the terminal of Indiastraße 1
  • state-of-the-art equipment, including electric pallet trucks and electric stackers
  • possibility to connect reefer containers (refrigerated containers)


  • Loading and unloading of import and export groupage containers, full container load and out of gauge containers, automotive/buyer's console containers
  • Truck loading and unloading
  • packagings
Prahl & Barsoe GmbH

Indiastraße 3 | 20457 Hamburg | Germany
Tel. +49 40 781098-0 | Fax +49 40 781098-29

E-Mail: info@prahl-barsoe.de

Meanwhile for more than 70 years Messrs. Prahl & Barsoe GmbH operates in the port of Hamburg. Today the storage and handling facilities are situated in the center of the port of Hamburg. On 33.500 qm outside and 12.600 qm inside storage area the company offers perfect conditions for all domains of cargo handling incl. transport, forwarding and custom clearance services.

  • NYBOT/LIFFE approved warehouse
  • Export/Import container handling/stuffing
  • GMP certified for pharmaceutical storage
  • Bio/Organic certified warehouse
Schwarze & Consort. GmbH

Afrikastraße 4 | 20457 Hamburg | Germany
Tel. +49 40 780961-0 | Fax +49 40 780961-61

E-Mail: schwarze@schwarze-cons.de

As a family company from Hamburg, we are a competent partner for storage, handling, packaging and shipping and offer you:

  • NYBOT/LIFFE approved warehouse
  • Handling/handling of export and import containers
  • GMP certified for storage of pharmaceutical products
  • organic certified warehouse
C. Steinweg (Süd-West Terminal) GmbH & Co. KG

Am Kamerunkai 5 | 20457 Hamburg | Germany
Tel. +49 40 78950-0 | Fax +49 40 78950-193

E-Mail: info@csteinweg.de

For more than 150 years goods of all kinds have been handled at C. Steinweg (Süd-West Terminal) at 6 berths (total length 1,350 m); Project cargo is one of our core competencies. Our 2 mobile harbor cranes can lift a unit weight of up to 300 tons. In addition to handling conventional general cargo (e.g. forest products, metals, containerized goods), we offer forwarding services, warehousing, distribution, sea packaging and goods inspection. We operate on a 18 hectare site and plan to expand by another 40,000 m².

The quality management system, which has been certified according to ISO 9001 since June 2002, was expanded in 2013 to include the important element "Environment ISO 14001". C. Steinweg also has the AEO certificate (Authorised Economic Operator) and is a member of the Hamburg environmental partnership.

Steinwerder Lagerhaus GmbH

Ellerholzdamm 24 | 20457 Hamburg | Germany
Tel. +49 40 316902 oder 316741 | Fax +49 40 316029

E-Mail: kk@slg-hh.de
E-Mail: ek@slg-hh.de

Steinwerder Lagerhaus GmbH is a family-run warehousing and transshipment company in the middle of the former free port, with direct, competent contacts from delivery to loading for export and import. For more than 25 years we have experience and competence in the loading and unloading of containers, as well as all services related to the goods, such as sorting, order picking, palletizing. For storage (also bonded warehouse type C) we have 6000 m² of hall space and an additional 5000 m² of open space. We would also be happy to take over the container trucking for you. If you need our services, please give us a call.

TCO Transcargo GmbH

Auf der Hohen Schaar 3 | 21107 Hamburg | Germany
Eversween 25 | 21107 Hamburg
Tel. +49 40 752476-0 | Fax +49 40 752476-61

E-Mail: sst@tco-transcargo.de

TCO Transcargo GmbH, founded in Hamburg in 1991 by Ingo Zemelka, is now one of the leading service providers in the areas of goods handling, storage, distribution and container logistics.

Our two multifunctional terminals in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg, on the Hohe Schaar and on the Eversween are flood-proof and have an optimal connection to all container terminals in the port of Hamburg and to the transport hubs.

On a total area of more than 100,000 square meters with 25 own, electronically secured warehouses, TCO Transcargo offers all logistic services for import and export.

Our team of 150 employees in the commercial and industrial area is highly qualified and has many years of experience in the entire field of logistics. Customer service is our top priority.

UNILOK Logistik GmbH

Heykenaukamp 5-7 | 21147 Hamburg | Germany
Tel. +49 40 319753-12 | Fax: +49 40 319753-33

E-Mail: t.gloe@unilok-logistik.de

Unilok is your competent, powerful and flexible partner for logistics services in the Port of Hamburg. The focal points of our activities are the loading and unloading of containers of all kinds, the handling of heavy goods, project cargo and dangerous goods, the storage of goods, the trucking of containers and the execution of customs declarations.  At our facility in HH-Moorburg, in the immediate vicinity of the container terminals, which we moved into at the beginning of 2012, we have around 10,000 square meters of hall space and around 15,000 square meters of open space. This enables us to offer our clients complex logistics solutions, including all customs formalities. The Unilok team looks forward to hearing from you and is always at your disposal with help and advice. The contact details of the respective contact persons as well as further information about Unilok and our group of companies can be found on our website.

Vollers Hamburg GmbH

Rossweg 20 | 20457 Hamburg | Germany
Tel. +49 40 78874-651 | Fax +49 40 78874-710

E-Mail: buket.ates@vollers.com

From coffee to cocoa, metal to general cargo - as an owner-managed logistics company, we have been transporting and storing our customers' goods and raw materials for over 80 years. Responsibility, professionalism and independence are always the focus of our services.

High-quality goods, goods, raw materials - commodities for short - are the daily business at Vollers. As an experienced logistics partner, we reliably handle our customers' goods, transport, declare, store or refine them and deliver them again on time. We take responsibility for your commodity - from small to large companies from industry, production and trade.

Wallmann & Co. (GmbH & Co.)

Pollhornweg 31-39 | 21102 Hamburg | Germany
Tel. +49 40 75207-266 | Fax +49 40 75207-203 / -204

E-Mail: g.schueler@wallmann-hamburg.de

Wallmann & Co. (GmbH & Co.), est. 1922, privately owned company for handling and storage of heavy lift- and project cargo, steel products, rubber, tobacco, commodities and containers, incl. stripping and stuffing on 130.000 m² terminal area, whereof 55.000 m² covered storage, 640 m quay lengths, lifting capacity up to 280 t u/w, AEO-Licenced.